About the Company

In 2002, long-time resident of Salida, Colorado entrepreneur Monty Holmes (a.k.a. “The Captain”) was seeking a way to grow his popular mine tour and expand his business portfolio. Having experienced a zip line tour in Costa Rica, and excited by the opportunity to employ the popular zip line tour model in Colorado, Monty returned to Central America to do more research.

While zipline tours were fast gaining popularity in Central America rain forests, there were few zipline courses in the United States. What Central Colorado lacked in rain forests, it more than made up for in scenic mountains views, slot canyons, and rugged rock cliffs. In 2004, Holmes put his construction background to work and launched Captain Zipline, Colorado’s first zipline tour. The tour was an immediate hit and drew accolades from USA Today and other travel media. 

Spurred on by Colorado’s adventure-minded visitors and residents, Captain Zipline continues to innovate and add attractions. In 20132, the company added a 120-element aerial adventure park. The park remains the largest in Colorado and one of the largest in the Western USA.


Location:  Captain Zipline is located approximately ONE HOUR west of Cañon City, and 45 minutes west of the Royal Gorge region, near Salida.  Please see this Google Map for location and directions. You will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to your adventure start-time.


6-Line Zipline Tour

The Lost Canyon Zipline Tour is a true Colorado eco-adventure. Not only will you experience heart-pounding thrills as you soar across ancient canyons, you’ll also learn about this beautiful, fascinating area from your guides. The zipline tour features:


  • 2+ hour guided adventure
  • 6 zip lines with significant heights
  • Participant braking
  • Ground school training provided
  • Scenic canyon hikes between zip lines

In operation since 2015, Captain Zipline has received a lot of press over the years, including these accolades:

  • "One of the 6 best zip line tours in the USA" – Outside Magazine
  • "Top 10 zipline attractions in America!" – USA Today
  • "Top 10 zip lines in the world" – National Geographic Traveler
  • "Top 20 adventure vacation destinations on the continent" – Men’s Fitness Magazine

Come zipline with friendly, experienced guides and enjoy a Rocky Mountain adventure that will be the highlight of your vacation. While zip lining looks extreme, it is actually relatively easy to do, and it's a great time!

Guided Zipline Tour

2019 Price:

$89 per person for 2+ hours.

Zipline Size Requirements:

  • Weight: 55 to 250 lbs for men. Under 190 lbs for women, due to differences in how weight is carried
  • Age 6 and over
  • Girth: Waist less than 44". Thighs less than 24". Must fit in all equipment properly.

Also, you must be able to:

  • Speak English.
  • See clearly at a distance of up to 200′.
  • Hike short distances on uneven rocky trails.
  • Perform all tour activities independent of an aid or parent.


Canyon Aerial Course

The Canyon Aerial Course (CAC) is an amazing structure tucked into the Lost Canyon.  Surrounded by rugged and colorful limestone cliffs, the Canyon Aerial Course consists of 120 connected challenges including ropes, tunnels, cargo nets, bridges, balance beams, and more. 

This is a high ropes challenge course with elements that range from easy to extreme. These 120 elements are broken into 9 course routes, each having from 8 to 13 elements which are graded for difficulty like ski runs, so you can choose the route(s) that are best for your ability.  What to expect:

  • 2+ hour self-guided adventure
  • Instructions provided
  • “Smart Belay” system for safety
  • 9 challenging courses - up to 40 feet high
  • Age 8 and over only
  • Stunning Colorado canyon views

Important Safety Note for both the Zipline and Canon Aerial Course. You may not participate in either activity/tour if you:


  • Are under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or legal drugs that impair you in any way;
  • Are pregnant or think you might be pregnant;
  • Have recent or recurrent neck, back, or musculo-skeletal injuries; have epilepsy or seizure disorders that do not permit you to drive; suffer from a heart condition that may require immediate medical attention; have recently suffered a serious head injury; suffer from recurrent blackouts, nervous system disease, poorly-controlled diabetes and asthma, or any other condition which may pose a danger to yourself or others on the tour; or
  • Have been advised by a doctor not to participate in strenuous/physical activity.

Note: Participants must be over age 16 to do all 120 elements on the course.

For detailed information about the courses, requirements, and company policies, see the Captain Zipline FAQs page.

Aerial Course Price

2019 Price:

$69 per person for 2 hours

Aerial Course Size Requirements:

  • Weight: 70 to 250 lbs
  • Age 8+ (experienced routes higher)
  • Vertical Reach: 60".
  • Girth: Waist less than 44". Thighs less than 24". Must fit in all equipment properly.
  • Fitness - Reasonably active lifestyle and good health.

Also, you must be able to:

  • Speak English.
  • Perform all tour activities independent of an aid or parent.

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