Cañon City Tour

Cañon City is known as the "Climate Capital of Colorado". We will guide you around Cañon City and give you suggestions on points of interest and places to enjoy your time in Cañon City.  

Downtown was built between 1899 and 1910. It was during that time that the gold and silver barons infused the city with their newfound wealth from nearby mining camps. Your sidecar guide will take you up Skyline Drive, a one-way, narrow road that follows the top of a high razorback ridge 800 feet above the town.

Time:  30 Minutes

2019 Price:  $80 per Vehicle



Royal Gorge Bridge Tour

Take a guided tour across the Royal Gorge Bridge, the highest suspension bridge in the United States.  It spans 1,260 feet and is situated over 1,000 feet above the Arkansas River.

Your one hour tour Includes one ticket per vehicle to enter the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, and a 2nd passenger at no extra charge on the same vehicle, Both passenger's tickets can be upgraded at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park after the tour for a small additional fee to include full (regular) admission to the park.

Time:  1 Hour

2019 Price:  $175 per Vehicle

Good to Know

  • DOT gear included
  • Pets may not ride
  • Bottled water is OK
  • Guide tips appreciated

NOTE: These are guided tours, driven by professional drivers. The company does not allow private rentals, and guests may not drive the sidecars.

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What are rider requirements?

All passengers are required to wear DOT helmets, eye protection, gloves, long pants, and closed-toe shoes.  All passengers must sign a waiver before entering sidecar unit.  Restrictions: Ages 8-17, sidecar only.  2nd passenger free (pillion), on same unit; only 18+, per the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.  The PUC also requires sidecar passengers to be 4'9" (57") or taller.

How many people can ride?

Each sidecar can support 1 passenger, at a time. A 2nd passenger can ride on the pillion which is behind the Sidecarist, on the motorcycle, with a backrest. 

What clothing is recommended?

In Cañon City, Colorado, the temperature changes throughout the day. The mornings can be chilly and the daytime is warm, but when the sun goes down in it can be a bit brisk, so bring a jacket, especially, if you have a morning or evening tour. Anytime your tour is longer than 30 minutes, remember to layer, layer, layer! If you get warm, you can always shed a layer to cool off. 

Helmets, Eye Protection, Gloves, Closed-Toed Shoes and Long Pants are required, per the Public Utilities Commission. All these items are for you and our Sidecarists safety. DOT Helmets, Eye Protection, and Gloves will be provided for each passenger by Sidewinders SST. Riders are welcome to bring their own DOT helmet, eye protection, and gloves. 

Where do the tours start?

Sidewinders Sidecar Tours uses a destination area to pick up and drop off riders, depending on the tour you've selected. Once you have made your reservation, a company representative will contact you to advise where in Cañon City you will be picked up, and at what time.

Tour Prices

Cañon City Tour: 

Time:  30 Minutes

2019 Price:  $80 per Vehicle

Royal Gorge Tour*:

Time:  1 Hour

2019 Price:  $175 per Vehicle

* Includes driving over the Royal Gorge Bridge and discount admission tickets to the Park after your Sidecar tour.