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If you are a Colorado business that serves the southern part of the state near the Royal Gorge region you can advertise your business FREE by offering a deal in our mobile app.

What's in it for you?

* NO advertising cost

* Reach new customers

* Increase repeat visits

* End your discount at any time

What's in it for us?

The more deals that are listed, the more valuable the RGI app is for people to download and keep in their phones. You want customers and we want visitors to book our tours. It's a win-win if we work together to draw more customers. Simple as that!

Who can participate? 

Full-time service or retail-related businesses with a valid business license, that offer products or services of value to visitors or locals, but preferably both.


* Offer must be valid for 30+ days


We reserve the right to refuse a listing for any offer, discount, company or industry, for any reason, as we see fit.

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