About the Tours

Located in the rugged Colorado Rocky Mountains, Play Dirty ATV Tours operates as the only ATV tour company in Texas Creek permitted on the protected land. 

This preserved area provides challenging terrain and scenic views around every turn. The Play Dirty qualified, ATV Safety Institute certified guides know all the right turns and must-see lookout points along the routes. 

Ride 3,000 ft. above the valley for panoramic views you can’t find anywhere else. Texas Creek houses so many trails, it’s a new adventure every time you ride. With all our different ATV tours, you’re sure to find the right adventure for you!

Play Dirty ATV Tours Location (Mile Marker 251)

25500 Highway 50, Cotopaxi, CO

Phone: 719-275-7373

Where You'll Ride

Texas Creek is considered the ATV capital of Colorado. Play Dirty tours start at 6,400 ft. elevation, in the beautiful Arkansas River valley, also known as Bighorn Sheep Canyon. 

Play Dirty ATV is located between the spectacular Cañon City and the Royal Gorge Bridge and the turn-of-the-century historic town of Salida, approximately 30 minutes west of the Royal Gorge. See this map for directions.

Find Your Tour

Ride the Rockies

Classic Sgt Nulph

Classic Sgt Nulph


3 Hours, All Ages

All Ability Levels


Enjoy a three-hour tour that showcases the best of the Rocky Mountains. This ATV tour is designed for beginners to advanced riders, so there’s no need to worry about your experience level.

After learning how to use the equipment, the guide will customize the tour to the ability of the guests, so everyone  feels comfortable. 

Experience dry creek bed riding combined with elevation changes, awesome views from the top of the area, and exhilarating trails. Because the routes are based on the ability of the riders, no two tours are the same.

Classic Sgt Nulph

Classic Sgt Nulph

Classic Sgt Nulph


2 Hours, All Ages

Most Popular!


Join us on the most-booked tour that celebrates the mountain wilderness, Colorado outback and mining history.

This trail goes over a mountain and into Devil’s Bowl, where fragments of Colorado mining history and outback spirit can be found. Pay respects to Sgt. Nulph while down in the bowl, and discover the ponderosa pines.

The tour offers switchbacks and climbs thousands of feet over 20 miles of twists and turns, including sections of bumpy rocks, although most the trail is a bit smoother.We are riding ATVs, after all! This twisty, diverse trail makes for a beautiful ride.

Backcountry Tour

Classic Sgt Nulph

Inspiration Point


4 Hours, All Ages

Advanced Trails


Looking for an adrenaline rush? Join Play Dirty on a ride up this advanced trail and around Table Mountain. Keep an eye out for Colorado wildlife as we head into bear country. We just might get lucky and spot the wildlife that lives in the upper mesas.

This advanced Texas Creek ATV trail has you riding next to cliffs and on narrow trails as we wind our way up around Table Mountain. We turn around once within reach of the spine.

With a range of vehicles to choose from, your ATV adventure can be whatever you make it! Bring along friends and family for this exciting back-country trek.

Inspiration Point

Rocky Mountain Romance

Inspiration Point


2 Hours, All Ages



Looking for an action-packed adventure in the Rockies? Book the Inspiration Point tour for a fast-paced ride. This two-hour tour takes you up to Inspiration Point, offering one of the most spectacular views in Southern Colorado. 

Choose your vehicle and get ready to rumble! The Play Dirty experienced guides will train you on proper ATV use and safety so you can make your way up to Inspiration Point in no time. The adrenaline of the ride and spectacular views are sure to leave you breathless.

Rocky Mountain Romance

Rocky Mountain Romance

Rocky Mountain Romance


3 Hours, Age 18+ Only

Romantic Date Night


Looking for something unique to do with your someone special? Well, then this is the tour for you!

Your guide will take you to Inspiration Point, which boasts some of the best views in Southern Colorado. At the top, the guide will leave you alone to enjoy the views, then return to guide you down the mountain. The perfect tour for engagements and anniversaries.

For an extra fee, you'll receive a blanket to sit on, sparkling cider, and light snacks. Call 719-275-7373 for more information.

All Over the Place

Rocky Mountain Romance

Rocky Mountain Romance


6 Hours, All Ages

Longest Tour


This tour allows you to explore the beautiful Texas Creek Trail system in more depth. You'll be taken "all over the place" on this exciting ATV tour. The guides can’t wait to lead you through all the best parts of our shorter tours on this adventure that packs the fun and adrenaline into a longer six hour tour.

The knowledgeable guides are happy to show you how to use the equipment and get you ready to ride. They also love to show off Colorado’s best on this tour! Don’t forget to bring your lunch with you for a quick refuel during the tour.