Directions & Maps

 There are lots of ways to get to here from there, so how long it takes will vary by how much time you have, and what you want to see along the way. 

Click the links below for maps and directions from Denver, Colorado Springs or Trinidad. We've provided options for the quickest routes, and the most scenic.

From Denver

Fastest Route

South on Highway 25 through Colorado Springs. Normally the quickest route, but... you're traveling through two cities and the traffic in and between can sometimes be messy, especially in summer. Not very scenic for the most part, except that you'll see Pikes Peak from the plains. 

If you're planning to visit Pikes Peak, you can hit that along the way from this route. Add 3 hours to the time shown below if you drive up Pikes Peak.

This is the best route if you're in a hurry to make a tour, are driving an RV, or prefer driving large highways. TIME: 2 Hours

Scenic Route

THIS is what you came to Colorado to see! Take a half day road trip along the Colorado's front range, going southwest on Highway 285 toward Conifer and Pike Junction. Journey along the North Fork of the South Platte River, world-famous for its trout fly fishing. 

Roll through Woodland Park and take in the majesty of 14,000 foot high Pikes Peak. Head to the tiny historic gold mining towns (side route to Victor is a MUST for history buffs), then south on the paved portion of the Gold Belt Scenic Byway on your way to Cañon City. On the last hour of this drive be sure to watch for abundant deer, elk and antelope. 

This is the best route if you want to see Colorado's natural beauty, at a slow pace, on 2-lane scenic roads. TIME: 4 Hours 

From CO Springs

Fastest Route

A straight shot southwest on Highway 115, then west on Highway 50, brings you right into the heart of Cañon City.

This is the best route if you are in a hurry to make a morning tour, are driving an RV, or prefer highways. TIME: 1 Hour

Scenic Route

Prefer to take your time and see more along the way? Swing to the north and west of Pikes Peak before heading south to Cañon City. This route takes you around Pikes Peak, through Manitou Springs, past Mueller State Park, the historic gold mining district, and south along the Gold Belt Scenic Byway.

This is the best route if you want to enjoy beautiful scenery and have a chance to spot wildlife, at a slow pace, on 2-lane mountain roads. TIME: 2.5 Hours

From Trinidad

Fastest Route

If you're coming from Texas or New Mexico via Trinidad, it's an easy drive north on Highway 25, then west on Highway 50 into Cañon City, on mostly straight roads the whole way.

This is the fastest and most direct route. Not all that exciting but you'll make it here in no time. TIME: 2 Hours

Scenic Route

Although it adds 45 minutes to your drive time from Trinidad, we highly recommend the longer route through Westcliffe, Colorado. Once you hit Gardner, you'll be traveling on easy valley floor roads through large cattle ranches, with the Wet Mountains on your right, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains on your left. Gorgeous! Then, once you hit Texas Creek and go east on Highway 50, you'll be traveling along the mighty Arkansas River most of the way.

This is the best route for cool mountain air, seeing historic cattle ranches, and possibly spotting Bighorn Sheep along the river. TIME: 2 Hours, 45 Minutes