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Can't decide what your loved one might want to do? 

No worries! If you buy gift cards on RoyalGorge.Info they can be used on any item that appears on our Book Now page including jeep tours, whitewater rafting, a ride on the train, a VIP wine tasting with your own hostess, bridge tickets, a night of family fun at the bowling alley, skydiving, and much more. ** And, even better, you decide how much you want to spend, as you choose the dollar value of your gift. Then, the gift recipient can just pay the difference for anything above that amount. BUY A GIFT CARD


The classic Royal Gorge Trolley is the perfect transportation option for weddings and receptions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner attendees, shuttling guests to/from the church and venues, and more. Brides, suggest to your family and friends that they buy a RoyalGorge.Info Gift Card, so you can save money and ride in style together!


If you're having a birthday, getting married, or having a baby and don't want or need physical doodads, suggest to your event attendees that they skip the traditional wedding shower, baby shower, and birthday present gifts and buy a RoyalGorge.Info Gift Card instead. 


Because seeing and experiencing cool things is what real "life memories" and "bucket lists" are made of. And wouldn't you rather do something fun with people you love instead of polishing silver? Just say no to corn-on-the-cob ear holders, dish towels and toasters. 


** All tours, attractions and tickets are subject to availability and advance reservations.

Use it for anything!

Gift Cards purchased from RoyalGorge.Info can be used on any tours, attractions or tickets sold on the RGI website! 

NOTE: Gift Cards purchased from must be redeemed with us. They cannot be redeemed directly with the partners.

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